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Where Are You In Your Journey?

1. Research Your Market

Make sure there is strong ongoing demand for your business service by using our validation framework template. Also ensure you have the digital skills and the right mix of online products to satisfy the market.

2. Create Online Products

Choose website software that is easy-to-use while being robust and flexible enough to accomplish your goals. Evaluate the technology stack to be sure your workload is sustainable over the long run.

3. Grow Your Audience

Ensure you are creating product and sales offers that make sense to the marketplace and are well timed so that you have the ability to reach a larger audience at the right time and using the right tools.

4. Launch Your Products

Marketing strategies and tactics offer a range of possibilities to drive a large audience to your online business. This is an essential element that will lead to dramatic growth when implemented correctly.

5. Scale Your Business

Now that you have the essential pieces in place it's time to build a team and take your business to the next level. Prepare for growth by understanding the essential team structure while keeping you core mission in tact.

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What Type of Expert Are You?

The following experts can enjoy lucrative opportunities when they transfer their knowledge, skills and experience to online distribution methods.

Classroom teachers have the advantage of being able to quickly transfer their communication skills from face-to-face to online settings.

Vocational trainers are often skilled in following closely controlled programs that follow industry standards. This level of expertise may come in handy when developing online assets. 

Trades professionals have highly technical skills that transfer well to video. This can be especially valuable when training and introducing new products and methods. 

Language teaching is a good way to generate regular income from live online teaching and course development. Online assets such as videos and quizzes can be created to create recurring revenue streams.

People with specific hobbies are often looking to connect with others who have similar passions and knowledge. Membership zones and virtual summits can be particularly great opportunities for hobbyists to create an engaged audience.

Authors have a natural advantage when it comes to producing written copy for the websites, eBooks or courses. Being a strong writer can also transfer into the realm of email writing and design. Authors can create digital products that create a passive income and quickly build digital assets that scale.

Business Coaches help boost careers by sharing insights, holding people accountable and inspiring strong actions. Specific industry and leadership expertise can be transferred to online settings through membership areas and eBooks.

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The World Has Changed

With the disruption caused by Coronavirus in 2020, many people are being forced to re-examine their work options. In particular, thousands of workers are losing their careers in the higher education, international education, hospitality, marketing, sales and administrative services.

At the same time there is a significant need for online education services, as new methods of educational delivery became mainstream and people who have become unemployed need to pivot and retrain.

If you are in this situation, TribeKit is here to help you evaluate your business idea and get started on the next amazing phase of your career.

"The rapid wave of digital disruption in 2020 has splintered almost every sector of the economy. With the ability to easily deliver information products and services online, this means unprecedented opportunity for experts and thought leaders. "

Matt McGinniss
TribeKit Founder

Create Beautiful Emails

Your email list is one of your most important assets. This is because it is the part of your audience that you can control.

Find out more about email tools that will drive your business forward.

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Create Online Courses

Online learning is now mainstream so that experts now have the ability to create their own courses.

Find out the best ways to create your own online course here.

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Create Membership Zones

Building an online membership area is a way to engage an audience in meanginful way and build superfans.

Find out the best ways to create your own membership zone here.

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Create Marketing Pipelines

Build Marketing Pipelines that take your audience through stages that lead to conversions.

Learn about pipelines for webinars, online courses, memberships and much more.

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Create Virtual Summits

Virtual Summits are an excellent way to engage a new audience and link with other experts and influencers in your niche.

Find out the best way to get started with a virtual summit.

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