About TribeKit

TribeKit helps design online courses, memberships and marketing pipelines to enable  leaders to drive growth and engagement with their online tribe.

We are also Kajabi experts and can help build websites with sophisticated membership portals that can be promoted with virtual summits and conferences.

We are located in Perth, Western Australia and have the support of a network of experts from around in the world.

Matt McGinniss, TribeKit Founder

As an educator and user experience designer, I’ve helped teachers and experts create online environments that work.

In my opinion, successful user experience is the alignment of concept, design and content, without the overwhelm.

Online design, when implemented correctly, feels effortless.

It is design logic, carefully thought through, which leads to trust and ultimately results for the audience.

I remember the first membership portal that I helped establish, way back in 2003. This was so long ago, we even pre-dated the launch of Facebook!

It’s hilarious to look over the page layouts, to see the strange avatars we chose and the chat boxes that we had to code ourselves. These were days before plugins and off-the-shelf solutions for everything you could possibly consider.

But it worked. We achieved results. We gained momentum with a membership of 15,000 people from over 200 countries and we helped bridge the physical divide between students and teachers.

We created an online community that solved the problem of not being able to find study partners in the real world.

The platform was called English Roleplay and it helped people around the world learn English.

Fast forward to the 2020s and the options we have available are mind boggling.  From email autoresponders, to landing page builders and sophisticated cloud-based learning management systems, we have almost limitless choices at our disposal.

TribeKit helps you design and build fully engaged learning and membership environments.

So what should we do when faced with so much choice?

Simple, we start with design. We start with user outcomes and take it from there.

We create a straight line between users and results and we most importantly we don’t overwhelm. We don’t clutter and we don’t get in the way.

This is the philosophy behind TribeKit designs.

We look forward to helping you soon.

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